Tallest Skyscrapers Going Up in 2015
By Glenn McDonald,
Discovery News, 29 January 2015.

New York's One World Trade Centre became the biggest skyscraper in the United States when the building officially opened in November 2014. What's next? We take a look at the ten tallest skyscrapers from around the world scheduled to debut in 2015.

1. Shanghai Tower


Topped out in August of last year, and set to open to the public in a few months, China's 2,073-foot (632-meter) Shanghai Tower will be the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world, behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The twisting form is designed to lessen the impact of winds during typhoons.

2. Marina 101


At 1,394 feet (425 meters), the Marina 101 building in Dubai is being billed as the world's tallest hotel. The 101st floor will house the Middle East's first Hard Rock Cafe & Lounge, with a 360-degree view of the city.

3. 432 Park Avenue


When it officially opens this spring, the all-residential 432 Park Avenue skyscraper in midtown Manhattan (1,396 feet/426 meters) will be the second-tallest building in New York City, behind One World Trade Centre. Click around the 432 Park Avenue interactive website, and you can get virtual views from apartments you will never, ever be able to afford.

4. Capital Market Authority Tower


Surely the most sternly named skyscraper on our list, the 76-story Capital Market Authority Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will rise to a height of 1,263 feet (385 meters). The building will use a system of solar panels to harness power from the desert sun, plus an external layer of fins and gantries to provide shade.

5. Dalian Eton Place Tower 1


As the tallest of five towers in the Eton Place complex in the city of Dalian, China, Tower 1 (1,257 feet/383 meters) will house offices, hotels, a convention centre and an observation deck. The complex's podium will also feature a large public park, designed as a "green canyon" among the high-rise buildings.

6. Vostok Federation Tower


Under construction for 12 years, the Federation Tower in Moscow will top out at 1,224 feet (373 meters) when it's completed in 2015. In 2012, a massive fire broke out on the then-top floors of the incomplete tower, delaying construction yet again. [Federation Tower at designers Schweger Associated Architects and NPS Tchoban Voss]

7. OKO Tower


The second of Moscow's two big skyscrapers to open in 2015, the OKO Tower (1,155 feet/352 meters) was designed by SOM, the same architecture team behind One World Trade Centre and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

8. Forum 66 Tower 2


Forum 66, a multi-building complex in Shenyang, China, will incorporate malls, hotels, office space and residential units - plus a subway stop. Tower 2 will max out at a height of 1,150 feet (351 meters).

9. ADNOC Headquarters


The new headquarters for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in the United Arab Emirates, this 1,122-foot (342-meter) skyscraper stacks 76 floors beneath its unique rectangular topping structure.

10. Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower


Our final entrant, also in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai's Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower matches the ADNOC building's height at just over 342 meters.

For more official information on the planet's tallest skyscrapers, visit the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, unofficial scorekeepers for these things in the world of ambitious construction projects.

Top image: Skyscrapers on Bunker Hill, in downtown Los Angeles. Credit: Tuxyso/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-3.0.

[Source: Discovery News. Edited. Some links added.]

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