Nothing Says 'Super Bowl' Party Like Barack Obama Toilet Paper!!
Or, if that doesn't HIT the spot, might I suggest The Obama Punching Bag instead?

After watching this President swept to victory in two elections by an electorate that is slightly more in tune to who and what he is than the pile of rocks in my backyard,

And after watching this President and his talking heads lie to and mislead the country regarding everything from Obamacare to the state of the economy,

And after watching and listening to the President lie and try to mislead the country about terrorism and national security,

And when I watch military spokesmen fall in line and perpetuate the lies,

And when I watch members of Congress agreeing with all of this President's policies because they are more concerned with the trappings of Washington than they seem to be with the security of the country,

And when I watch the mainstream media carry the President's water,

I ask this simple question: Doesn't anyone on the Left in Washington or members of the mainstream media have the sac necessary to stand-up to Obama and his administration in order to do what is right for the country rather than what is merely politically expedient?

That is a rhetorical question of course as the answer is obviously NO!

Let's remember...

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