A UFO-like object was caught on NASA live feed from the International Space Station on January 15, but as soon as the mysterious grey object was seen rising over Earth’s horizon, NASA HD Cam cuts of quickly.

Yet, another object appears on NASA's ISS live cam on January 22. Streetcap1 says "I'm not sure what these objects are, but it is not the Moon, please bear in mind that the moon appears white when it shows.

A comment on Streetcap1's YouTube channel: How about glare from the interaction and angles of the lens and window where the camera is perched in front of. You can clearly tell that the light is reflecting off of not one but two or perhaps three objects that for a short while casts onto the lens, bouncing off of the lens then to the window.

It could be a glare or a reflection if the camera is recording from behind a window in the ISS, however, NASA added the camera outside of the ISS.


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