The answer to the question of who said the following is that it's basically a tie!

And while of course this doesn't mean that Hillary is in any way a Hitler supporter her quote, when examined alone, is an interesting view of the potential 2016 candidate for President of the United State's thought process.

(Bloggers Note: Invoking the name Hitler in the same breath as Hillary in the article title did get you to read further which is the point.)

Now to my simple way of thinking as an amateur political scientist, Hillary's statement is simply more of the same liberal 'speak' that just happens to intersect well with Barack Obama's SOTU Progressive 'wish list'.

A wish list that contained raising taxes on who he considers to be the very rich that included taxing the 529 Plans of the middle class.

I have a 529 Plan and I am certainly not rich and further, I also don't want this plan taxed to help fund another one of Obama's (Hillary?) red herrings, free two-year college for all!

Remember my friends when 2016 rolls around that, as we have seen for the past 6-years, elections have consequences and those consequences can be dire!

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