Well its almost February and next month I shall embark on my very first trip for 2015.
I am spending nine days in Sunny (1)CALIFORNIA to attend my god daughters wedding.My favorite place in San Diego? Hands down...its La Jolla beach.
I am hoping this time I get to visit (2)MEXICO (my 46th country) since its only an hour away.
In April I am going several places so I really have to make a mental note of each one since I might miss out some of my flights.
In April, I planned my trip to MANILA so that I can make a brief stop over to see the Cherry Blossoms in (3)TOKYO,JAPAN.
In (4)MANILA, I am planning a family trip to specifically dine at this waterfalls restaurant in (5)VILLA ESCUDERO, QUEZON.
Then I am off to finally see the (6) Underground River in PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN.
This is actually my second attempt at visiting this place. The first time was in 2013 but our flights were cancelled which made me loose my hotel reservations payment. I hope this time it will push through.
If there's one trip I am excited about is my trip to (7) HONGKONG and
because I will be with two of my friends.
Then I will hop on a plane again to find time to visit the border of (9)NORTH KOREA (my 47th country) and SOUTH KOREA
Before leaving Manila, I decided to see (10) BORACAY again.
The last time I was here was in 2009.
On the way to (11)SINGAPORE
I managed to use just 35000 miles to make my way to (12)AUCKLAND ,NEW ZEALAND (my 48th country) with a stop over in (13)SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. I will finally get to see the Sydney Opera House.
When I told my son Niles I am visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand he became mad with Jealousy. You see he is an avid fan of the Lord of the Rings.
Then to cap my trip to Asia I am flying Malaysian Airlines(yes siree) to (14)DUBAI (my 49t country)
So there you have it, I am visiting 14 places in 2015. I am still itching in including other destinations for my birthday this year. Let's just see how 2015 reveals itself.

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