In the future, selling houses might be less about realtors and more about video creators.
While traditional open houses and "for sale" signs are not going away any time soon, in years to come it could be a viral video that gets a buyer to sign on the dotted line.

Straightforward video tours have been around for some years, but we have gone beyond that and taken a glance at brilliantly creative ways people have used video to sell property around the globe, from music videos to high-tech drones by 3D fly-throughs.

Take a glance at our smart case studies below.

1. 92 Savoy Drive - Broadbeach Waters

 We all know sex sells. And as the creator of this advertisement, PlatinumHD Propvid explains, with 80% of home purchasing decisions influenced by ladies, what better way to get their attention?

Made for Australia's Neo Property company, this cheeky advertisement does a great job of cleverly showcasing the impressive highlights of this luxury home before the Neo rep delivers the adroit punchline — this property is "so private you can walk around bare.

2. DNB Our House - Prospekt

This commercial for DNB Bank's actual estate division takes a slightly more subtle approach, using an emotional video montage to recreate the story of the relatives that live in this actual house in Lillehammer, Norway.

To the backdrop of a cover of Madness' Our House, you can watch actors recreate the roles of the current occupants as they grow up through the years until they are prepared to move on & give another relatives the chance to make some happy memories.

3. Yarnton Manor - Carter Jonas - Skyvantage

 What better way to showcase an brilliant country estate than an awe-inspiring aerial view? Complete with uplifting music, this Skyvantage creation was shot for UK estate agents Carter Jonas to perfectly present the £10 million Yarnton Manor.

While this sort of promotion is seldom going to work for third-floor studio apartments in Hoboken, more modest houses may soon be marketed like this, thanks to the increasing availability and decreasing cost of drones.

4. 11 Ivanhoe, Irvine, CA 92602

 Plain video house tours are all well & nice, but what if in lieu of a dry, room-by-room tour around a property, you used the video to tell a narrative & sell a lifestyle?

The Boutique Actual Estate Group is excellent at this, producing a series of shiny ads for houses that engage you with a simple plot tool, making them much more fascinating than the average tour.

In this example, seeing the children run through the stunning rooms as they find an appropriate cubbyhole for a game of hide-and-seek is a genius way to show the home's family-friendly, pretty living spaces.

5. Elle Interior Fly-Through

 How are you able to make use of video to sell a space that doesn't exist yet? This is the challenge facing developers trying to sell off-plan.

Using 3D interior animation, Canadian visual effects company Vividus can make an not-yet-built home a reality. It makes a digital, 3D model of the inside space based on architectural & interior design, then adds texture, lighting, materials, furniture & more to generate a space that looks like a actual property. Vividus then "moves" a camera through the home so you can see what it is going to look like one time constructed.

While this type of video alone is impressive, add in virtual reality tech, such as the Oculus Rift, & you would then be able to walk through the space by yourself terms. Excited? So are they
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