It was really a disappointing First Day of the "Much Anticipated Target Closing Down Sale". They had announced that the bargains will be like Boxing Day Sale but it turned out otherwise.
I would never venture out for a sale on a -16C with windchills of -22C weather.Never....except I didn't want to loose out on this much hyped sale!
See that ice and I waited for 20 minutes for the bus which made my toes hurt from extreme cold.
As soon as I came down from my bus I already saw people coming out from Target without any packages with them. The nearer I was to the door I overheard people saying that "probably they are selling only items they have overpriced or overstocked". I knew even before I entered this was not going to be an "Epic Sale".
For one thing the Closing Down Sales(huge signboards) stating that items were marked down 10-30%. Do you call 10-30% a Sale????
I made one round of the entire floor looking for what I can see is a big deal. But one thing that made me think not to buy anything was the huge lines at the counters.
Ninety (90%)percent of the items in the store had 10% discounts but you don't call 10% a sale.
Television items which are usually the most sought after items during a sale are only 10% off.
Furnitures and other household items were 10% off also.
Grocery items were also 10% off but who would buy from Target when groceries here are overpriced.
The only items that I saw which were not on 10% off were SHOES at 20% but nobody was really buying.Customers were just vent on trying shoes on and leaving them on the aisle which made Target employees extremely busy stocking up and re-arranging the shelves.
The only items I saw at 30% off are Accessories like hats, faux jewelry and low cost watches.
My suggestion....Don't Go. Its a total waste of your time!

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