When I went to San Diego to attend my God Daughters wedding I had the most stop overs I had experienced in my life.A plane ride that would only take 4 hours and 50 minutes took me almost 7 hours on the way to San Diego and 11 hours on the way back to Toronto.
It was a blustery cold day with windchills into the -30s when I boarded my plane to Detroit,Michigan(my first stop over).
TRIP TO SAN DIEGO: Two Stop Overs (Total FLying time : 4 hours, Layover Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes)
My journey started in Pearson, a rather boring airport for me who is used to fancy airports like Changi in Singapore and Incheon in Korea.
Pearson has iPods alright but you can't hardly surf with them.Its probably meant only to take orders from the restaurants located near them.
FIRST STOP OVER: DETROIT: Layover of 2 hours
So after waiting like forever at Pearson, I had a very short 23 minute plane ride to the Detroit airport. I didn't expect Detroit airport to be pretty.
When I say "pretty" that means compared to other US airports like LAX and Las Vegas.I went crazy taking photos of the light show and train inside the airport
SECOND STOP OVER: SALT LAKE CITYA brief stop over of 40 minutes in Salt Lake City was not enough to take photos. But one thing was interesting.
When we arrived, the Delta airlines counter staff were offering anyone who wants to volunteer to be bumped off a fee of $600 in airticket credit. If I wasn't already tired, I would have volunteered.I only managed to take a photo of our boarding gate (#13).
ARRIVED IN SAN DIEGO after close to 7 hours of travel and waiting.My friend Bunny was already waiting for me.
This is San Diego Airport.
TRIP BACK TO TORONTO : Two Stop Overs (Total FLying Time: 5 hours ;Total Layover time: 6 hours and 30 minutes)
FIRST STOP OVER: LAX ,Layover 3 hours and 30 minutes.
On the way home to Toronto, from San Diego my first stop over was LAX and as usual its busy and topsy turvy.I spent 3.5 hours just looking at the photo of the Lakers since I was infront of a Lakers store.
Next Stop was Minneapolis where I spent another 3 long hours. Well Mineapolis airport is interesting. See what I mean by interesting in these photos.
And finally after almost 11 hours on the air and waiting at airports I landed at Pearson to be greeted by a blast of cold air. I am back!

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