I am now in the US and by today my friends and I probably have already visited Disneyland in Anaheim. One attraction I want to revisit(because I was there twice before) is the Universal Studios in Hollywood. I just want to compare it to the one in Florida.
To give you an idea of what Universal Studios in Florida offers, here is my review of this attraction.
There are two parks in Universal Orlando Florida, the Universal Studios Florida® AND Universal's Islands of Adventure®.
This review is for the Universal Studios Florida.
4 of 5 stars
Reviewed 19 January 2012
We took the trip Monday-Wednesday and in Winter which explains why we were able to take all the rides in just under 5 hours.
Most of the rides had a waiting time of 5-10 minutes during winter so there is no need to get an Express Pass.
Parking is quite expensive at $15 for the whole day and you have to walk quite a distance before you can reach Downtown Universal(the entrance to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Parks).
The parking lot of Universal Orlando Florida is housed in 2 huge buildings. Although Universal FLorida is bigger than the Los Angeles and definitely the SIngapore parks, it is still miniscule compared to the huge Walt Disney World complex.
Our first day,Monday was spent at Universal Studios Orlando.Tuesdays ,we visited the Universal Islands of Adventure where the popular Harry Potter attraction is located.
This is my rating of the different attractions in Universal Studios Orlando:
ET, The Ride: One of the oldest attractions in Universal. Teenagers would not like this ride .Suitable for younger children.
Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket- This is a ride for teenagers. Its one of the rides that are more popular to the visitors due to the numerous twist and turns of this roller coaster.
Twister-Ride It Out - This basically shows the audience how the special effects in the movie "Twister" was done. The show is quite short. First time visitors might find this interesting.
Disaster- Similar to Twister, it shows how special effects are filmed. It has audience partipation which makes it more interesting.
Simpson-The Ride: Basically this replaced the "Back to the Future" ride. If you easily get dizzy with too much shaking and fear heights, dont take this ride.
Shrek- 4D, This is the first 4 D attraction of Universal. Nice if you have watched it for the first time. But you wouldnt want to probably watch it again.
Terminator 2-3D-I've never like Terminator the movie,so this didnt appeal to me.
Men in Black Alien Attack- I thought that this ride was very tame.Boy, was I so wrong.It nearly made me pass out due to the 360 turns.If you easily get dizzy due to movement, never attempt to take this ride.
Mummy The Ride- One of the nicer rides in Universal. But I like the Universal Singapore location better.
Must See or Ride(for Teenagers): Hollywwod Rip Ride Rocket,Simpson the Ride,Mummy the Ride

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