Is a 3rd-term in office Barack Obama's endgame?
I am an American who is extremely concerned about the benign neglect or worse (See Iran negotiations) when it comes to national security and this White House!

Given that fact along with this President's proclivity for using his pen to get what he wants while ignoring the constitutional process, my question is a simple one...

Is there any way for Barack Obama to LAWFULLY hold the White House for a 3rd-term?

I use and highlight the word LAWFULLY deliberately and with good reason.

It's to find out if there is an allowance made for a national crisis so large and so serious that a President can stay in office to deal with it?

It's a logical question as even the most loyal ideologue on the Left would have to admit that national security and US foreign policy have both deteriorated badly since Barack Obama took office.

The Obama Years!

These are some of my personal observations since Barack Obama entered the White House that make me believe we are less safe today than the day he took office.

They also sadly make me wonder whether a Commander-in-Chief could actually be this incompetent by accident?

  • His administrations lack of any serious moves to confront and combat Islamic extremism let alone call it by name, 
  • The incompetence of his national security team (i.e. See Susan Rice),
  • His inaction concerning the takeover of Ukraine by Russia
  • His courting of Iran and a nuke deal while dismissing our only true ally in the region, Israel,
  • His ignoring the best advice of his military leaders and pulling out of Iraq leaving behind a vacuum all knew would be filled by terrorists
  • Redlines made and redlines ignored, 
  • Shrinking the military
  • Keeping the US/Mexico border open as an invitation for terrorists to walk -in, 
  • Etc., etc, etc!
They would all seem to incredibly suggest that the plan could be to actually invite war on a global scale or terrorist attacks at home!

On another front conspiracy theorists might also question much about this President including his friendships with sketchy and shady figures such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers not to mention a past that seems difficult for anyone to actually put a finger on.

Let's also not forget his incessant race-baiting since entering the White House that a conspiracy theorist might say has been designed to create civil unrest and in the worst case anarchy that only martial law and a 'temporary' suspension of constitutional rights could fix.

Fortunately I am not a conspiracy theorist.

These are of course unfortunate and extremely sad questions to be asking about a President of the United States but, if you have been awake at any point during these past 6+ years, they are questions that need to be asked none-the-less!



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