What do you do when your son makes tampo(sulk)?
The other day Niles,my youngest son and I quarrelled.I don't want to even remember the reason why we quarrelled because it was really so petty.
But since its Valentines Day today I decided to talk to him and make amends.
So while I was cleaning our bedrooms I saw this wall on his eldest brothers room.
Niles' Honor roll awards, on the otherhand, are still in an envelope in my room. So I decided to put them up on the wall in his bedroom just like his brothers.
I really thought he won't even notice it. But right after he arrived at home and changed his clothes he came down and gave me a thumbs up. He told me he liked what I did.
So now we are "bati"(in good terms) again. You see my youngest son Niles and I have this "Love- Hate" relationship. He has a very sensitive nature and he easily sulks(makes tampo)whenever I raise my voice or comments on his behaviour unlike his eldest brother Nygel who just lets my comments go out the other ear whenever I raise my voice or reprimands him.
What about you? How do you deal with a "tampuhin"(sensitive) child?
We are freezing (-31C) in Toronto but I want to greet everyone a Warm Valentines Day!

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