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Dear Senator Schumer:

As an American, one of your constituents and most importantly a fellow Jew, I am writing you because I am at a loss and was hoping that you could potentially explain a few things to me.

After all I am but one of the simple 'folks' referred to by the President and you are a powerful member of Congress who I would assume is privy to much more of the internal thought processes of this administration than I could ever hope to be!

Here are some of my issues both past and present and I would appreciate, if possible, that you could explain some or all of them to me.
  1. The President, seemingly against all military advice, pulled all of our troops out of Iraq creating a vacuum that I would assume he was told would be filled by radical Islamists. Did he just have a different opinion than the military experts or was this part of some larger master plan?
  2. The President set a redline for Syria that was violated and the President did nothing about it which I would assume he was told would be a sign of weakness and send an extremely negative message to our allies and enemies alike. Was there a reason for this that the rank and file Americans were not aware of?
  3. The President went all-in on the Arab Spring when he, or at least some of his advisors, must have known that the outcome would not be a net positive for the US and our only true ally in the region, Israel. Why did he take such a position assuming his national security team advised him of the potential outcomes?
  4. While the Arab Spring is ancient history, it has become clear that the ball has been either inadvertently or deliberately dropped on the current global crisis that is Islamic extremism. This is a scourge that the President has refused to name, has not fought and one he seems to be averse to fighting going forward. While his current 'plan' of community outreach and winning the hearts and minds of Muslims around the world sounds noble, as Commander-in-Chief he must be aware that while such a plan may SOMEDAY work in spots it is not a plan that will currently or ever work against ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, etc. Why, as someone on the inside, do you suppose that he is content to sit back and do nothing besides an extremely limited campaign of airstrikes that seem intended more for form over substance?
  5. I fully agree with the fact that the VAST majority of Muslims around the world do not believe in the brand of Islam being practiced by the terrorists and are in fact targets themselves, but some do and this number could range in the millions given the global population of Muslims of approximately 1.6 billion. I would also say that the extreme brand of Islam that is being preached today will continue to be preached in some mosques around the world ad infinitum REGARDLESS of community outreach and economic opportunity that the President seems to feel will solve the problem because for those followers it is a belief system and not due to grievances with the west. Why do you, as someone who is likely a confidant of the President, suppose that Mr. Obama is ignoring a truth that is right before all of our eyes?
  6. The President, after ignoring the pain and suffering of our French friends, is currently holding a 3-day summit that is supposedly tasked with 'solving' the problem of extremists who will not be named. It seems from listening to the President speak, however, to be more of an apology to Muslims around the world. This as the global violence against all who do not believe the way that the Islamic extremists believe is growing more widespread and increasingly vicious in the methodologies being used to kill. Now apparently these extremists are harvesting organs to fund their operations. Can you explain to me what the endgame of this summit actually is and what plans, other than the community outreach and winning hearts and minds, will be implemented?
  7. To continue on with the summit, the President invoked the three North Carolina Muslims senselessly killed as an example of an attack against a religion while this fact has not yet been proven. At the same time he seems to ignore the religious aspect to the killings of Christians and Jews around the world and I was hoping that you could explain why that is as well.
  8. Finally Senator Schumer, while I could go on with my questions I will end with this final one. As one of the leaders in the Senate and in fact of the entire Congress, I was hoping that you could explain how members who are patriots first and politicians second or third can sit silently by as the charade of national security continues and the scourge of Islamic extremism is ignored and allowed to spread by this administration. In the beginning of this letter I invoked the fact that both of us are Jews and as such, need to be concerned with the fact that Israel is being hung out to dry by the policies of this administration while at the same time a 'deal' with Iran is being 'negotiated'. I think that we both know Senator Schumer that the nation of Iran has sworn itself to the mission of wiping Israel off of the face of the earth. We also know that the leaders of that nation are never going to stop in their efforts to develop and then use or sell any nuclear weapons it develops. So I ask once again what is the endgame of this administration as I would that you would know as constituents like myself can only watch and surmise?
While my expectations for a response from you are small, I am hoping that Congress will somehow soon find the gumption and political will to do what is right rather than what is politically expedient.

I know that the United States is heading into a presidential election cycle but once again the nation is at a crossroads fighting an enemy who cares little about dying and in fact who finds martyrdom somehow more appealing than life.

I hope to God Senator Schumer that it won't take another terrorist attack in the United States or a spread of ISIS (ISIL) to our shores for Congress to wake-up to its responsibilities!

Godspeed to you Senator and to the United States.


Michael Haltman

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