Like it or not, Facebook adverts got even smarter.
On Tuesday, the social network announced Product Ads, a set of tools that lets businesses more effectively target Facebook's one.4 billion or so users with a new, automated technique.

With Product Ads, businesses who upload their product catalogs to Facebook can by hand generate commercial campaigns. The other, more compelling option? Let Facebook do the heavy-lifting, automatically generating campaigns & targeting various kinds of users with ads it thinks will perform well, based on things like a user's interests, general location & whether they have already been to the advertiser's app or net site.

In a Facebook first, businesses can also now generate ads that promote several products directly. Ads that was static now act as digital carousels of content, with up to product images rotating through, like in the picture below:


Product Ads lets businesses generate ads plugging several of their products simultaneously.Product Ads could show useful to businesses with deep inventories of stunning products: furniture chains, clothing franchises & so on. (For, those multi-product ads increase the odds of users finding items to buy.) It is & a feasible win for Facebook, which gets the large majority of its growing revenues by promotion on desktop & mobile. The loser? Shoppers' wallets.

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