Internet trolling: a familiar occurrence in the Malaysian cybersphere - and worldwide. A troll is an internet slang that refers to a person who sows - and take delight in sowing - discord and mayhem on the Internet. Trolls don't just enjoy winding up people on newsgroups, forum, chat room, bulletin boards, and blogs, they, sadly, have made trolling their lifestyle choice. There's nothing more irritating and emotionally upsetting than being at the receiving end of internet trolling, especially from the most despised troll of all, “the hater.” While the irritation and anger that trolls leave in their wake cannot be denied, there are, as this infographic by Single Grain suggests, ways to beat them at their own game.

Top image: Internet troll. Credit: Wiki-vr/Illustrator: JNL/Wikimedia Commons.

[Infographic courtesy of Single Grain. Top image added.]

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