Sometimes an idea or thought process needs to be offered twice as an attempt to try and wake-up Americans to what may be going on in Washington!

From January 2014 this article contains my opinions then about what this President was trying to do to our nation and I have only become even more convinced since that I may, unfortunately for us all, have been correct!

The useless extremism summit this past week and the comments from the President and Secretary of State John Kerry about the need for jobs and economic outreach to solve Islamic extremism was simply the piece de resistance (Related article: If Obama looks like a duck and walks like a duck...).

'A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man'!

Barack Obama's Insidious Master Plan For The United States written January 10, 2014

...If the truth be told, when was the last time in memory that any segment of the nation larger than a few hundred lunatics would ever question the actual endgame of a President of the United States?

Oh sure they might disagree strongly with certain methods or techniques revolving around domestic or international issues, but I don't think anyone would say with true belief that the president at the time was trying to bring the country down.

This is even the case when the 2nd worst US president of all time, Jimmy Carter, did what he did both economically (soaring inflation) and in terms of national security (i.e. Iran)! Incompetent? Misguided? A failed ideologue? Yes! Deliberately trying to harm the country? No!

But today with Barack Obama, there is so much that is unknown about the man and so much that he has done since in office, that I actually do wonder what he would like the country to look like when he leaves office after his 2nd term.

Times have changed to such a great degree in this country that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, James Clapper, Lois Lerner and other members of this administration are able to lurch from scandal to scandal with nary a hiccup or murmur from anyone.

And those who are tasked with keeping an eye on things for the American people who have neither the time or expertise to keep an eye on things themselves have failed the miserably...namely the mainstream media.

Fro proof of media incompetence one only need look at the press coverage of Governor Chris Christie's 'bridge-gate' controversy that has been non-stop by the rabid dogs on the left, compared to the coverage of Obama administration scandals like Benghazi, IRS, NSA and others that were barely even one-day wonders.

And looking back this says nothing of the lack of any mainstream media coverage devoted to the President's questionable background that was a non-issue during either of his presidential campaigns.

Basically this President and his administration have been given carte blanche to do whatever they want while the majority of the American people follow dutifully along like lambs being led to the slaughter.

In pre-WW2 Germany the Jews there did not learn until it was too late that the leader of the country possessed an evil that no rational human being could ever even imagine was possible to exist.

In other words part of what makes us a free and functioning society is that we have some level of faith and trust in those who lead us.

On the one hand that is a good thing as long as there is reliable oversight by the systems in place that function to keep leadership in line and operating within legislated and prescribed limits.

But, on the other hand, it can prove to be extremely dangerous when those systems in place to maintain adequate checks and balances for some reason cease to function.

Whether it is due to a complicit media, legislative bodies that alter rules that have been in place for a long period of time or a Commander-in-Chief who is willing to circumvent the normal process in order to get what he wants, the entire societal structure could be at risk.

Unfortunately, while all of these shenanigans are going on, the American people go about their merry way unaware of what is taking place around them, more concerned with the idiocy of celebrity lives than they are with the state of the union.

This administration counts on this lack of attention paid by the people to continue doing what it wants.

They know that any negative story will last in the media for an extremely short period of time if at all.

They know all abut story fatigue and also know that they can count on the media to do their bidding.

How many people will now about the labor force participation rate being at a 30-year low?

But, how many will know that the unemployment rate is at 6.7%?

One number is extremely scary while the other number is completely bogus but with the help of the media many Americans will believe things in the economy are getting better.

Not because they are better for them but because the 6.7% unemployment number will be trumpeted on TV and in the newspapers.

When we become nothing but Sheeple and lemmings we will have set ourselves up for corrupt leadership to do whatever it wants.

That, my friends, seems to be where we are quickly heading!

Finally just think about this list and ask whether any of these items have been adequately addressed and explained or whether they have simply faded away. There are more but let's start here:
  1. Basic administration scandals such as Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups and NSA data collection programs,
  2. The incompetence surrounding Obamacare from inception to rollout and whether it has all been carefully crafted in that way in order to quickly fail and move the country to socialized medicine. After all we know that government is incompetent, but could they have really screwed up this rollout as badly as they did unless it was done on purpose,
  3. National debt being pushed to unsustainable level not only under the Federal Reserve's nose but with it being a willing participant,
  4. Trillions spent on economic revival with absolutely nothing to show for it,
  5. An administration that seems to be hellbent on fostering racial divisiveness,
  6. A foreign policy so incompetent that once again it is hard to believe that its failure wasn't the master plan all along. The collapse of the 'Arab Spring' with the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power and the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Iraq after our troop withdrawal are only two examples that were predicted by everyone except the Obama administration. This administration is currently giving Iran the cover that it needs through a charade about diplomacy to continue along on its merry way to nuclear weapons. And of course who can forget the famous non-redline redline in Syria.
  7. This administration has quietly (only because the mainstream media fails to report it) moved the US to the point where over 50% of the people are on some form of government entitlement. And, when Republicans talk about entitlement reform or the fact that extending unemployment benefits need to be paid for in the budget, the racism card is liberally played (see #5).
A large percentage of Americans sadly seem to have their heads stuck squarely up their asses and my fear is after five years of Obama lack of leadership that the country may have already passed the point of no return!

Let's hope that I am wrong about that!


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