Obama and now Defense Secretary nominee Ashton Carter are whistling past the proverbial graveyard and are simultaneously putting the US and the rest of the world in grave danger!

Please 'Pardon my French' in the title but the incessant empty rhetoric out of the mouth of Barack Obama and now his nominee for Defense Secretary Ashton Carter when it comes to fighting terrorism is nothing short of...troubling?

I use the word troubling to try and mimic the lack of urgency on the part of the Obama administration when it comes to ISIS, national security and its apparent inability to recognize who the hell our enemy actually is!

Where is the type of serious leader in the United States akin to Colonel Jessup ('A Few Good Men') and, what does a nation do when it is facing an enemy that wants to wipe it out and is stuck with an Obama and now an Ashton Carter?

Three short videos comparing and contrasting leadership versus blathering and empty rhetoric!

Obama Bullshit Grinder


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