I have just checked into my flight online since it will save me the time to queue up in the check in counters. I also have been TSA prechecked which means TSA precheck is an expedited security initiative designed to help travelers enjoy a more convenient journey through the airport. Those eligible and selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to participate are directed to a dedicated screening lane where they may not need to remove their shoes, jacket or belt, or laptop from its bag.
I haven't flown to the US for almost 3 years .The last time I believe was when we went to Florida and I always use United for flying to the US. This time I am using Delta Airlines and its the first time I am using my Delta mileage points which was carried over from my Northwest World Perks mileage.
Since I am using mileage which I paid for with less than $90 roundtrip , I am bombarded with tempting offers to upgrade to seats, book wifi, get an early boarding or use their lounge. These items costs a lot.
Consider this.
Use of wifi is $16/leg, early boarding is $10 /leg and Delta Skypass one day pass is $50. Since I am travelling 3 legs(2 stop overs) if I avail of these add ons I will pay :
Wifi.....$16 x 3 = $48
Early boarding.....$10 x 3 = $30
Delta Skypass.....$50
TOTAL $128
$128 is nothing to rich people but for me it means a lot since I used my mileage why do I have to pay for these things?
For Example, wifi on board Norwegian air across Norwegian airspace is FREE.I also don't need to use a lounge I could save that $50 to buy me something nice at the Duty Free stores.
They also offer you mileage boost which is like buying additional miles for your next trip.
Well for one thing I took advantage of their offer to volunteer to get bumped off just in case the flight gets full. I am asking for a $500 compensation in the form of travel vouchers. I haven't really used this but I have a friend who volunteered to be bumped off on a flight to Singapore and they were paid $300 each in addition to hotel accomodation and meal vouchers and a seat on the next available flight.
Going to the US is really a hassle since you have to do a lot of body search and luggage inspection.The inspection is very strict.
I am not checking in my luggage so I really made sure I wont have to throw away liquid at the airport
I hope my flight will be smooth all the way to San Diego.

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