Last year, my eldest son Nygel started receiving University Acceptance letters mid February. This year, my 2nd son Niles received his first Acceptance letter from the University of Ontario (UOIT) by late January. In fact he has received several telephone calls and invitations from UOIT that everytime they call he doesn't want to answer the call anymore.
This week another acceptance letter came for him. Trent University,the 2nd University that has given him early acceptance is in Peterborough Ontario. Its a bit far from where we live but my son said he has to apply to at least 3 universities that offer his intended course of Forensic Science.
He is just waiting for an acceptance letter from the University of Toronto where his elder brother Nygel is studying.
I am not a bit doubtful that he can enter this school since he has a gold medal award in school for academics last year.
This is his last year of High School and for the first semester he got good grades in Physics (95%) and Business (95%),Maths (87%) with English (80%) as his lowest grade. His average marks would surely get him accepted in the best university in Canada.
Time flies really fast. This September, my youngest son will enter University already! I am really getting older!

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