After reading Linda Molton Howes’ article 'U.S. Navy flight engineer saw silver discs and entrance to alleged E.t. and Human collaboration in Antartica' (EBE’s ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Entities’ working together with and interacting with Scientists at/around the Beardmore Glacier at the South Pole) I started to check this area at the South Pole on Google Earth.

Surprisingly, if it is not a software bug, Google Earth has blurred out the whole area around the Beardmore Glacier.

Despite the whole area is blurred out, I managed to check a small area.

I found several strange objects in this particular area. I’m not saying all objects are real and we need more proof, but no doubt, strange things are happening there at the Beardmore Glacier.

I recommend to read Linda’s article to understand what I was looking for.
Link  article:

You can check all objects by yourself on Google Earth.

Below the coordinates.

Beardmore Glacier: 83°45'34.24"S 170°38'33.87"E
Skull: 82°51'43.15"S 162° 6'42.72"E
Lights and Entrance: 82°57'29.68"S 161°37'18.16"E
Wall Entrance: 82°57'8.64"S 161°34'8.14"E
Face: 82°57'40.70"S 161°36'47.69"E
Boat-like Object: 82°45'43.26"S 161°45'28.34"E
Alien-Lights: 82°45'48.18"S 161°40'20.10"E
House: 82°46'26.59"S 161°41'23.65"E
Artificial Objects: 82°46'28.40"S 161°39'39.21"E

They are keeping a major secret!

Area Beardmore Glacier Blurred Out

Lights/Lamps/Entrance to underground facility?

Face EBE-Creature?

Wall/2nd Entrance to underground facility?


Boat-like object on top mountain


Man-made objects

House or Station

They are keeping a major secret!

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