...To continue spreading the lies and misinformation that this administration is known for!
American sheeple and the mainstream media continue to give Barack Obama a pass on his basic policy of ignoring terrorism, dead Americans and for refusing to even name our enemy let alone fight it!

In fact a Democratic party 'strategist' on TV actually just said that the world views the President as naive on the subject of ISIS and terrorism and even that sycophantic ideologue wondered why Barack Obama is incapable of simply even invoking the term Islamic extremist?

Perhaps working at the State Department would be a decent job for anybody other than Marie Harf!
I am going to go out on a limb here but what if, as the tweet below states, Barack Obama does not view ISIS or his ISIL as a problem, and in fact may even support what they do? Crazy right?

Marie Harf will likely have a new and decent job soon!

But wouldn't that theory go a long way towards explaining why he seems to be ignoring the issue of terrorism, why he abruptly pulled out of Iraq against military advice leaving a vacuum for ISIS to fill, why he set a redline and then ignored a redline, why he is emptying Gitmo and returning terrorists to the fight, why Americans are beheaded and he does nothing while the leaders of Egypt and Jordan go on the rampage for the same thing occurring to their citizens and so on and so on and so on?

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I am running out of (printable) words to describe Barack Obama!

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