When we visited Milan in 2013, we passed by the Central Train station on the way to see the Duomo or Milan Cathedral. We were so hungry we immediately scoured the place for any restaurant that would satisfy our hunger. Since it was our 4th day in Europe we were already looking for rice dishes after 3 days of stuffing ourselves with sandwhiches from our earlier trips to Zurich, Brussels and Paris.
The Milan Central Train Station is one of the prettiest train stations I have seen in Europe. It is huge but be careful when going around Italy since there are a lot of pickpockets.
So when we were there , I was the only one carrying a belt bag which I made sure was tucked close to my body.
We were lucky enough to find this Asian restaurant at the first floor of this huge beautiful train station.
This is my review of WOK MILANO
“Asian Food in Milan”
4 of 5 stars
Reviewed 1 October 2013
It was our first time visiting Milan and we arrived at the Milan Central Station hungry from our trip. We were craving for Asian food so we were happy to find W.O.K. Milan inside the Milan Central Station. It is located on the lower ground floor area next to the huge stairway.
The station is huge but I think there is only one Asian themed restaurant in this station. Ordering was fast and we were quite satisfied with the variety and taste of the food they serve.
Some meals come in cardboard box containers much like "to go" orders specially with respect to fried rice and noodle dishes.
I thought only Asians like us would patronize this restaurant but we were the only oriental/asian looking customers when we went in.
If you are Asian like us and you happen to pass by the Central Milan Train station, look for this place. Don't expect authentic Chinese dishes but it would surely satisfy your hungry Asian palate.
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