Last year I went to the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). This year I am dreaming of seeing the Balkans (Slovenia,Croatia, Montenegro,Bosnia and Herzegonia, and Greece). I had been thinking of a route that won't take much travelling and hopefully before the end of the year I will be there.
One of my dream places eversince I studied Greek History in High School.
I have heard of these three Balkan countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro) only recently.They were former parts of one country Yugoslavia. After the Yugoslav wars (1991-1999), Yugoslavia was divided into 7 small countries(Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia).
There is now a lot of reading materials and blogs writing on these former parts of Yugoslavia and I found one comprehensive video on Youtube about Coratia, Bosnia and Montenegro.
This place was the setting of the popular Game of Thrones TV series which has made it a very popular destination for tourists.
To be honest I have never heard of this place until I started researching on the Balkans. This place is in the Meditteranean and is a World Heritage site and a popular cruise destination.
Mostar,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Another popular destination specially because of its proximity to Dubrovnik,Croatia.
and last but certainly not the least is
This is a World Heritage site that I almost visited in 2013 due to its proximity to Austria. However because I was travelling in winter I decided not to go through with my plan.
I can dream can't I? Actually I always make my dreams come true (smile).

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