In life as in sports and politics we are constantly making decisions!

In this case the decision I speak of is not about the bad one that Americans made twice electing Barack Obama to the White House!

But sometimes when deciding we're right and sometimes we're wrong and sometimes, people simply cannot understand why the hell we did what we did!

In the case of Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, however the world was watching as he called a pass play on the one yard line with one minute left in the Super Bowl and the game hanging in the balance.

He inexplicably did this with Marshawn Lynch, aka 'Beast Mode', in the huddle ready to do what he does.

The rest, as they say, is history as the pass was intercepted and the game lost!

But as any great leader will do, Carroll accepted responsibility for the mistake...

"I told those guys, 'That's my fault, totally. But we had plenty of time to win the game ... we were playing for third and fourth down, give them no time left ... but didn't work out that way."


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