Have you ever wondered about the things guys notice first about girls? Well, ladies, men are not so difficult to understand since they are actually straight-forward so it can be simple to find out what things guys notice first by watching them carefully each time they meet a woman. Check out a few fascinating and even surprising things men notice first about ladies.

1. Smile
Things Men Notice First about a Woman

A pretty smirk is of the things most men notice first in a woman. Smiling woman is thought about to be much more pretty & approachable. They sends the signal of happiness & optimism. Thus, it’s much simpler to start a conversation with a smiling woman. I do know it’s not so surprising since everyone likes to look at a person with a pretty smirk. But men always feel confident & more masculine with a smiling woman. Moreover, smirk is a contagious thing: when you smirk to anyone it provokes the smirk in return.

Numerous studies have proved that smirk stimulates more positive reaction. When a man first meets a woman, they notices her nice & genuine smirk. So, smirk more often since you seldom know who may be falling in love together with your pretty smirk. However, make positive your smirk isn’t artificial. You ought to smirk only when you feel like smiling. The true sign of a honest & natural smirk is typical wrinkles around our eyes. Moreover, all our appearance shows that they are happy & satisfied. Practice in front of a mirror to find out your most charming & magnificent smirk to make him fall in love with you

2. Eyes


Another common thing men notice first about a woman is her eyes. I’m definite you’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul. They can tell us a lot about a person. It can be simple to find out if someone is lying to you or basically telling the truth. Eyes are actual magnets that can attract and interest a stranger. Surveys have shown that  70 % of men pay attention to woman’s eyes first and only then to everything else. Don’t think that it’s chest that men first pay attention to! It’s always simpler for men to compliment woman’s eyes since females reply approvingly to compliments about their eyes than other parts of the body.

There is also another stereotype that men like females with large juvenile eyes. I would tell that correct make up will do the trick! Mascara, eye liner and nude shades will make your eyes more appealing! In the event you require to attract him, try to keep eye contact for a few seconds. This way, you will clearly understand if there's any chances to continue together with your acquaintance

3. Hair


Sure, men notice a woman’s pretty & healthy hair. Trust me, all those hours spent in the hairdresser’s chair are not in vain. Most guys think that a stylish, healthy, shiny & sleek hair is a sign of health & youth. Also, you require to know that most men like to be with a woman with natural & soft hair that smells nice .
Although most men like a long hair on ladies, I do know plenty of ladies who wear bold colors & short hair cuts, & they look awesome! I think men are afraid of everything that looks unusual & striking. In case you feel confident along with your hair, don’t change it. Wear any color & length you like, but make definite your hairstyle suits you

4. Weight


 Weight is of those things most men notice about ladies. It may sound shallow, but it actually makes sense. You’ve probably heard that men prefer ladies with curves, but you still catch evaluating glances on your thighs and legs. These glances can make you doubt that you’re stunning. But, he’s not judging you, he’s noticing.

In case you are starving yourself to death in order to be skinny, you can breathe with relief and quit it! Studies show that not all guys like skinny girls. So find your comfortable healthy weight and stick to it. Cease dieting! Eat healthy food, exercise and you will never must bother about your weight. If they doesn’t like your body shape, don’t take it personal. After all, a true love knows no barriers. If your crush doesn’t like your weight and they says it to you, they doesn’t deserve your time

5. Chest


 Perhaps you think that chest is the first thing guys notice when they meet a woman. But, you are wrong; guys are not as superficial as lots of ladies think. Numerous polls & surveys have shown that men notice a woman’s chest only after her smirk & her eyes. Breasts are usually thought about to be a sign of youth & fertility, & it’s of the reasons why most men pay attention to woman’s chest.
However, tastes differ. What is pretty for man is uninviting for another. Thus, do not worry about your breasts. wear appropriate underclothing, & think about doing weight-lifting exercises

6. How fake are you?

How fake are you

 Men also notice how fake females are. In the event you have hair extensions, fake eyelashes & nails, they will certainly notice it. For most men, fake means high maintenance & giant expense. While fake eyelashes might draw his eye, they won’t like them. In the event you require to get the man you like, make definite you look natural. Learn to conceal your drawbacks & show your beauty without looking like a doll. Pick light foundations, nude shades & pink blushes. In lieu of hair extensions, opt for a lovely quality volume shampoo & volume styling products.

7. Legs


 Okay, it is not a surprise for you, I do know. Most men love slim legs & this is another thing they notice about ladies. In summertime legs are of the greatest attractions that a woman possesses. Calves are another thing men love about our legs. They love the way our legs look in skirt & shorts. They love the way they cross our legs & they love to admire our knees. Despite the wide-spread stereotype about slim girls, men love strong hips! They give a signal of your fertility & femininity.

In case you don’t have long legs, don’t worry. Make definite you provide your legs with nice treatment & any man will notice them. I moisturize my legs each day & take care of my pedicure every other week. I don’t have long legs, but my partner says that my legs are more stunning than long ones

8. Skin


 Most men also pay attention to the way a woman’s skin looks. Numerous surveys have showed that a man sees a nice complexion as a positive sign of health. Most men think that a woman with a healthy-looking complexion is healthy and he can produce healthy offspring.

In order to attract a man, your skin ought to be soft and smooth. Always cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin in the morning and before bed. Never sleep together with your makeup on and don’t forget about exfoliating. Moreover, make positive you get sleep and reduce your stress levels

9. Dressing style

Dressing style

 Probably, it’s a surprising thing but most men do notice a woman’s dressing style. A recent study has found that most men prefer a classy dresser to a woman who shows much of her skin. Men love some mystery about females, but half-naked body reveals all the secrets. A great sense of style can tell a lot about you, keep it in mind! Your fragrance & makeup tell about your taste. Your heels & accessories reveal your lifestyle & sophistication. Your outfit shows your confidence & attitude to life. Don’t think that men are not aware of fashion & trends. They do notice everything. If needed, improve your sense of style to look & feel more confident.

In fact, there's plenty of things most men usually notice in a woman, so are you able to add any other things to this list? What do you think of this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section, 

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