Well today my eldest son Nygel who is taking Computer Science at University of Toronto proudly showed me his first semester grades in school.
When he told me that his GPA for the first semester was 3.57 I really don't know what it means since in the Philippines the highest grade for University is a 1 and the grade of 4 is conditional failure.
This is what he showed me
* Incidentally IPR means In Progress
He was pretty proud of his grades but I had to research on what those points mean.
So if he received a grade of 3.57 GPA that means he is between Excellent and Good. Well not bad at all. I told him however to do better next time.
I guess he is doing pretty well in adjusting to university life despite the daily commute that takes more than an hour. He has had no complaints except for the bitter cold this winter so I guess he has pretty well adjusted to his U of T life.
He has joined two organizations in university, one is for gamers and the other is a group composed of Singaporean students.(I asked him why he joined a Singaporean organization? Well he pointed out that he was educated in Singapore from Kindergarten till first year High School and he told me joining a Pinoy Organization wouldn't fit well with him since the only thing he can talk about probably is Manny Pacquiao).
So what really is so important about a high GPA? Probably,if you want to work at Google, Amazon, RIM,you would need a high GPA. But I told him he should get a job this summer so that he can learn something from working while earning at the same time.Its time for him to WORK!

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