I will be on a nine day trip to sunny San Diego next week and I am now having a happy quandary.
Happy...because its my first time to use my brand new passport.
My quandary is which luggage to bring???
My Choices?
First,is this BACKPACK that I have used everywhere I go.
A backpack is the best choice for frugal travelers. This person isn’t just traveling for a long weekend, but anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months and is going to be traveling around which I am not, and not just staying in one place.
If you travel with items that need to be protected or have a lot of one item, such as shoes (which I am bringing for the wedding I am attending) then a backpack isn’t for you.
Second, is this KIPLING DUFFEL BAG from Bangkok that I got from my sister.It is not only a duffel bag but at the same time it also has wheels.
The duffel bag is ideal for short trips and extended weekends. What the duffel bag lacks in looks, it makes up in versatility. While travelers are often required to check-in a backpack or suitcase due to size, this isn’t the case with duffel bags.
This is the bag of choice for travelers who prefer carry-ons. There are no protruding frames that keep it from fitting in an overhead bin on a bus, train, or airplane.
and lastly this plastic (looks like metal) ROLLING SUITCASE my son bought in Korea.
The rolling suitcase is typically synonymous with business or luxury travel. Their primary perks are how effortless and efficient they are. However, unlike the backpack, they are not rugged.
Roll it up and down a few staircases and over a gravel road, and you’re probably going to be wheel-less not for long.In fact even before we left Korea, one of the wheels already rolled off.
Rolling suitcases are designed for efficient travelers who are typically staying in one place in more urban settings. A typical trip for a rolling suitcase might be a long weekend or one-week trip in which you’ll be flying.
They are ideal for vacations when you have no plans of moving around or carrying it more than necessary.
So now do you know what I will be choosing?

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