I will be attending a wedding next week in California and since I don't really have the time to shop around for a gift for the couple I decided to buy them a gift through their wedding registry.
Wedding Registries are very popular nowadays with couples who are getting married. For one, it makes it easier for guests to pick out gifts that the couples want and really need.
It is also helpful for guests who might not be close to the couple and thus don't really know the couples style or wants.
Besides giving guests a sense of the couples style, a registry provides them with the chance to buy a gift they feel is wedding-appropriate for a wedding-appropriate amount of dollars.
Actually I have used a wedding registry only twice and this is for relatives who are getting married abroad and weddings I can't personally attend.
I haven't really attended a wedding in a long time and from the previous wedding I have attended I either carry the gift with me to the reception or just give money packets for the couple.
The way I see it is that if someone is going to spend money to gift something it should be something that will be used and enjoyed rather than either thrown away, regifted, or stored in the dark corner in their closet.
But this latest experience of ordering a set of household items with Target was kind of frustrating since they sent me an email that they will be sending the items to the recipient but instead of sending the whole set together they are sending it one by one?
Then within the day, they emailed me again saying that the other items I ordered are being cancelled since they are out of stock.
Then the following day they emailed me again saying that the inital date of delivery was being delayed.
How can you trust a Wedding Registry like this when items are not shipped together. My intended recipient might be wondering why the set is broken or incomplete!
The basic rule however for giving a gift to a couple is to give something that will be used and enjoyed and secondly, give what you can afford.
You might want to be more generous depending on how close you are to the couple or if you are bringing a companion or kids to the wedding reception. Remember that you have to RSVP or respond to the invitation whether you are coming to the reception or not.

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