Long Shot: The 8 Best Selfie Sticks for Smartphones
By M. W. Byrne,
Hi Consumption, 16 March 2015.

Tourists love them, cam girls can’t live without them, and even Obama is on board when it comes to snapping a few pics with a selfie stick (aka Monopod). While they make you look like an ass, there’s no denying that the selfie stick can actually give you some decent pictures without ever needing to speak to another human being. Using the right selfie stick for smartphones, you can always be assured of getting clear photos of you, whether standing at The Louvre or just capturing a timeless Bachelor Party moment.

A guy knows that not just any rod will do when it comes to taking the perfect selfie. It needs to be compact enough to be slipped into a hiking backpack, but long enough that it can get you and the celebrity you’re actually photographing in the background. It has got to be stable and easy to operate; because when you’re trying to get that Instagram pic of you holding up the leaning tower of Pisa (LOLZ!) you definitely don’t want it to be blurry or complicated. To fulfil all these criteria, we’ve found the 8 best selfie sticks for smartphones.

1. InnoGear Rechargeable Selfie Stick


Pro: Inexpensive
Con: Bluetooth can have syncing issues

Best Bargain: Most selfie sticks under US$30 are made cheaply and it shows when you use it. This one is slightly above the fold with a stainless steel and ABS body that has a sturdy adjustable clip which fits standard phones as well as phablets and will keep your smartphone from hitting pavement. When folded up it is only 9-inches long but ranges out to fully 39-inches when deployed. A 45 mAh battery keeps the Bluetooth ready to shoot for up to 100 hours when not in use. Syncing with phones is good, not great. So long as you have the most updated version of Android or iOS, you’re golden. Anything else can flummox the stick and leave you with an ugly cane that does nothing. [Purchase: US$18]

2. Vivitar Bluetooth Remote Selfie Monopod


Pro: Interchangeable head
Con: Clamp could offer more adjustment features

Most for the Money: In a sea of low-grade, low-quality, low feature monopods, Vivitar’s offering shines through. First off, it comes in a huge array of colours which makes it a great gift as well as a quality personal purchase. The arm is sturdy and doesn’t tremble like a leaf on the wind even at its full 40-inch extension. It uses a Bluetooth remote that can be operated from your pocket allowing you to get shots even if you aren’t holding the stick itself. An adjustable universal clamp fits nearly every smartphone size out there, but you can easily exchange it for a mount that works with any point and shoot camera that has a 1/4-inch thread. Complete 180 degree swivel on the head lets you get the ideal angle every time. [Purchase: US$19]

3. CamKix 40-inch with Remote


Pro: Extremely sturdy phone holder
Con: Bends and breaks easily

Big Grab: Users who prefer a larger smartphone often get the shaft - pardon the pun - when it comes to selfie sticks. The so-called “universal” grips might accommodate a Galaxy Note 4, but they damn sure don’t make you feel good about it. The CamKix selfie stick’s 3.25-inch holder is fully adjustable and clamps down snug to ensure your precious cargo is never in danger. You can move it around the full 180 degree arc without ever worrying about it slipping away. Comes with an optional simple-sync remote and lanyard that connects to iPhones and Android devices in a snap. Just don’t get in any fencing matches as one good riposte will snap it like a dry twig. [Purchase: US$25]

4. Ace3C Rhythm Pro Selfie Stick


Pro: Includes tripod
Con: Remote tends to breakdown

Photographer’s Friend: As subtle as a thunderstorm, this selfie stick has zero concealability. You’ll need a full camera bag to tote it around, but when you need a tripod for a long shot, or something with more diversity than your average telescoping monopod, you’ll be glad you have this in your arsenal. The stick itself starts at just over a foot and goes out to 39-inches, which can be further enhanced by the tripod. Picture taking is handled by the Bluetooth remote for getting awkward family shots from further out than most selfie sticks can provide. Multiple attachments permit this to work with nearly any camera or smartphone, though the standard grip for smartphones is a little lacklustre. [Purchase: US$30]

5. Ipow Professional Extendable Self-portrait Monopod


Pro: Corrosion-resistant
Con: 17-inches when retracted

Professional Grade: All right. If you’re a professional selfie-taker, you have much bigger problems than what stick to choose. However, if you long for a studio-level product that you can tote around, Ipow is an outstanding choice. The body telescopes out to 4 full feet in length for a broader range and uses locking clamps to hold it in place. Made from aluminium and ABS materials, it is relatively weather-proof for those caught-in-the-rain pictures. The end accommodates everything from your smartphone to a true DSLR camera so shutterbugs can use whatever they like. A Bluetooth shutter control rounds out the package. [Purchase: US$37]

6. The Alaska Life ThrillPro


Pro: Works in any environment
Con: No Bluetooth

Roughneck: The Alaska Life ThrillPro isn’t just for snapping a quick pic of yourself before a night on the town, this is intended for guys who take their selfies while braving the Hell Hole on the Ocoee River. Built with action cameras in mind you can also strap on your smartphone for those moments between the adventure. Completely waterproof and corrosion resistant, this is a bombproof selfie stick for a true man. Switch between getting the shot and using it to bludgeon Kodiak bears insensate. At 36-inches there are certainly bigger options to choose from, but this can work with a tripod or extension arm thanks to a 1/4×20 threading at the base. [Purchase: US$40]

7. DigiPower Quikpod Extreme Monopod


Pro: Easy, high-grade grip
Con: Single-axis joint

Tower of Power: Extending out to a massive 53-inches in length, this selfie stick is not only one of the longest selfie sticks you can buy, it is one of the best. The grip is unbeatable with raised rubber that allows you to keep a hold for action shots or video. Able to fight even saltwater, you can take this anywhere for shots of your deadliest catch. An attached mirror allows for more versatility in capturing overhead shots and assists when using a camcorder. Mounting brackets change out on the fly so you’ll never be at a loss for your favourite photographic tool. Be sure when buying you get a package with the smartphone mount, though nearly any aftermarket mount will work in a pinch. [Purchase: US$53]

8. Belfie Stick


Pro: Offers unique angles
Con: Doesn’t work well as a standard selfie stick

Flex Time: When you are desperately trying to keep up with the Kardashians, the Belfie Stick can help you out by giving you a fully articulated arm that allows you to get pictures of your backside. This flexibility is good for more than just proving that baby got back, but also accomplishing overhead shots that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish alone. A bottom-mounted Bluetooth button allows easy snaps from any angle, though when coupled with the hinged arm it doesn’t actually work that well for taking ordinary selfies. [Purchase: US$80]

[Source: Hi Consumption. Edited. Some links added.]

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