Christopher Morley

If we had our way, we would set aside one day a week for talking. In fact, we would reorganize the week altogether. We would have one day for Worship (let each man devote it to worship of whatever he holds dearest); one day for Work; one day for Play (probably fishing); one day for Talking; one day for Reading, and one day for Smoking and Thinking. That would leave one day for Resting, and (incidentally) interviewing employers,

Roger Scruton
People desecrate their own relations, and in particular they desecrate sex. Eveybody knows that our society now is under the scourge of pornography which wipes away the human face from the sexual encounter, leaving something that’s not only unworthy of us but also brings us down from the world in which we exist as free beings into to the realm of polluted objects. The reaction of people to that suggests to me that people really do have a sense of the sacred and the human sexual relation is part of it. So how do we rescuscitate this idea? It’s not an idea that has a place in scientific theory and yet it’s there in all our experience. That’s one of the roles of philosophy.

Walter Bagehot
The trouble with mysticism is that it is true.

Martin Amis could have been talking about Bucharest.
Your purpose when driving is not to arrive at your destination safely or quickly. Your purpose when driving is to impress your personality on the road.

Katharine Whitehorn
My brother only reads about what has happened, not what will happen, and it's astonishing how little he misses.

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