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What can you do in one day in Barcelona?As long as you plan your itinerary well, there are a lot of things you can do and places you can see in One Day.
Here is a sample itinerary.
1. Plaza de Catalunya
Located at the top end of La Rambla and midway between the medieval Old City and the 19th-century.This circular plaza, with its fountains and sculptures, is the cultural hub of Barcelona.
Originally built on the site of the old Roman town, this monumental place of worship was begun in the 13th century and finished in the 15th.
3.Sagrada Família
No one, practically no one visits Barcelona without seeing the Sagrada De Familia.
The still unfinished cathedral finally saw restoration and expansion work carried out when its hermit-like architect, Antoni Gaudí (who was killed by a tram in 1926 and whose tomb can be viewed in the crypt), came back into fashion in the 1990s.Current construction progress is slow, however, and even the most optimistic forecaster doesn't see the whole thing reaching completion for at least another decade.
4. Parc Güell
Another MUST SEE. If you havent been here then you have not been to Barcelona. You can imagine gremlins living in this unique fairy-tale park located high up in the city and loved by children and adults alike. Look out for its mosaic serpent and Hansel-and-Gretel houses at the entrance.
5. Casa Batilo
In one of the most extreme architectural makeovers ever seen, Gaudí and his long-time collaborator Josep Maria Jujol took an ordinary apartment block and remodelled it inside and out for textile tycoon Josep Batlló between 1902 and 1906. The result was one of the most impressive and admired of all Gaudí's creations.
Poblenou Neighborhood is one of the most overlooked areas in Barcelona, and in our opinion has many great things to offer and a very high quality of life. Run-down in parts, but very open with tons of light and close to the beach, Poblenou is perfect for anyone who wants to live a slightly more ‘tranquilo’ lifestyle but also have complete and easy access to the craziness of the city centre.The whole avenue is lined with shops and restaurants and families stroll to the nearby beach.
7. Las Ramblas
This is the most animated and most popular tree lined street for tourists in this city.
8. Yes siree, we saw all these and so much more in just one day. If you want to really check out every attraction in Barcelona ,you can also take the Hop on and Off Bus.
9. Never leave Barcelona without trying their PAELLA.
10. During our trip in Barcelona, we stayed at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS BARCELONA.

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