Losing weight has become of the major issues in our society which is due to the hectic schedule of our every day life. However they can lose weight with the help of drinking some best weight loss teas available to us.

 Green tea

• This proves to be of great help as it unlocks the fat cells in the body. You can make the best use of Green tea in losing weight by drinking it before a work-out as this would stimulate the fat-burning effect.

• This is due to the compounds called catechins which blasts the adipose tissue with the help of fat from fat cells & finally increases the capacity of the liver for converting fat in to energy. This is a ideal weight loss tea.

Oolong tea

• Oolong is a Chinese name for black dragon. The Oolong tea boosts up the metabolism & is a light floral tea like the Green tea. This tea also contains catechins which help in weight loss by increasing the body's ability to metabolise the fats present. This is of the best weight loss tea.

Pu Erh Tea

• The Pue rh tea is famous in China. It's shown great leads to lowering down the cholesterol from the body thus leading to nice health. This tea has an equal amount of taste & caffeine like the black tea.

Yerbe Mate

  This is an herbal tea which is widely used in South America for weight loss. This tea contains particles which stimulate the substances inside the body in order to burn fats and calories. This tea helps to slow down the digestion system which reduces the appetite.

White tea

This tea is not as common as the Green Tea but help in losing weight. It helps to reduce weight by slowing the body's ability to extract fat from the food you eat. Drinking white tea for long run would reduce fat and would prevent the formation of new fat.


• This tea is rich in antioxidants that help to maintain and boost the immune system. It further maintains the blood sugar level and helps to reduce the craving for sugar in the body. This tea also helps in improving the vision.

Effective ways to drink tea for weight loss

• Try to drink tea without adding sweeteners or cream as you will gradually create the liking for the taste. This would benefit a great deal.

• Honey has high nutritional value and simultaneously less carbohydrates than sugar. You can add tea spoon of honey to sweeten your tea.

•A lovely number of people prefer to have their favourite tea with cream so it makes sense to try and use low fat no sugar creamers.

• In case you are in the habit of consuming tea several times in a day you ought to opt for the creamer with lowest calorie. Ideally tea spoon of half and half creamer contains only twenty calories.

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