I have noticed that sometimes my laptop hangs or runs very slow. The reason( my Computer Science major son says),is that I have too much clutter in my laptops hard drive.Nygel (my eldest son) is always my adviser whenever I can't download or open an Application.
It is therefore important to clean the clutter from your hard drive to help your laptop run more smoothly.
Did you ever notice that when you just bought your new laptop it runs really quickly, opening files in the blink of an eye and booting in mere seconds.
Over time, however,you will see that your computer will start to slow down a little and not perform as well as it did when you first bought it (which often happens to me).
My son said that new software and documents as well as updates combine to make the processor in my PC work harder than it needs to.
Happily I can regain some speed and make my Facebook life a little easier with some simple SPRING CLEANING.
We’re not talking about physically cleaning your computer, its more on clearing the clutter from the hard drive to help things run more smoothly.
Here are some Spring Cleaning tips for your Laptop or Tablets:
One of the easiest things you can do is to keep all your files organised. Make sure that all your documents are in the right folder. Put all your photos, music and documents in the appropriate folder and don’t just leave them sat on the desktop.
The more you use your computer the more you’ll find yourself trying out new bits of software and installing things that you only use once. Get rid of these to free up space and make your PC run that little bit faster. Go to Programs and features in the Control Panel to remove any old applications. This way not only will the application itself be removed, but all the associated files that are buried deep in the system.
One thing you can also do to speed up your laptop, especially at start up, is to remove the number of applications that launch automatically. Go to Start and type msconfig.exe in the search bar. Hit enter and then click on the Startup tab. Here, click to stop software from starting each time you turn your laptop on. This means that you’ll get to work faster and have fewer applications bothering your processors.

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