#15 Mouthguard

This unique invention is a mouthguard for sports with a difference. It's in-built sensors which can monitoring collisions & then sending that knowledge to coaches or players to let them know in case you have taken a hit which could be intense to cause concussion.

#14 Nutritional Scanner

Nutritional Scanner
Now this is where things have been heading for some time now I think. This is a pocket scanner which will tell you the nutritional information for anything, be it food or medicine, and beyond.

#13 Bump Mark

Bump Mark

Bump Mark is a great way to monitor the shelf life of your meats. It is a bio-reactive food expiration label which apparently decays at the same rate as meat. I guess it would must be altered for different types of meat?

#12 Smart Ring

Smart Ring

Look at these seemingly harmless, inconspicuous rings. Well, they are over meets the eye. They can lock you door, unlock your door, & all the while share & transfer knowledge for you.

#11 Smart Countertop

Smart Countertop

This is another great idea from Microsoft. On your countertop is a display that can tell you a grocery list or recipe instructions. It even has the ability to read out step-by-step recipe instructions as you go.

#10 SkinDisplay

This might appear a tiny odd at first but I guess it is cold. The SkinDispaly makes use of electric currents which it sends to stiffen the case material of your phone to display raised up letters; a different way of receiving a text.

#9 Pasta Pot

Pasta Pot
 It is fabulous that this didn’t happen sooner. Perhaps it did & nobody heard about it. But this thing is self-explanatory . It is a pasta pot with an in-built drainer. That is nice news for everyone

#8 Pill Pack

Pill Pack
 This is a kind of delivery pharmacy that organises prescriptions for you so you don’t must wait in line at the pharmacy next to other sick people when you need to be in bed or dealing with life. You can update your prescription along with your smartphone.

#7 Ring Notifications

Ring Notifications
This is where fashion meets expertise in the type of a stone ring which also lets the wearer know when they have an important notification coming through their phone by vibrating. Specific colours may even be assigned to specific notifications.

#6 Pizza Vending Machine

Pizza Vending Machine
There are a quantity of these sprouting up already but it is only a matter of time before they become commonplace. When they make the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film it will no doubt gain some product placement.

#5 Hemingwrite

This is much a typewriter which may not sound futuristic, but it is digital. The difference between it as well as a laptop computer is that a writer can avoid the traps of social media procrastination and all the other net distractions.

#4 Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift
This small device allegedly helps with both tracking your every day activity and even improving your posture. The jury is out in terms of how fashionable it is but in the fit conscious world in which they live, it is bound to be a hit.

#3 Roller Stroller

Roller Stroller
 Have you ever wondered what would happen in case you put a stroller and a scooter together? Well, someone has and frankly, now that I see it, it’s a wonder it hasn’t been done earlier

#2 Subway Ride in Exchange for Recycling

Subway Ride in Exchange for Recycling
 I guess pollution has reached the point, in some Asian countries, where this was bound to happen. It is a great idea that has already been put in to action in the China’s metropolis, Beijing.

#1 Solar Charger

Solar Charger
 A solar powered charger is such a amazing idea. Of coursework, not everyone will think so given that it is a basic necessity of life and the power companies know that. But it will mean you won't must discover a power outlet when you're out and about. Unless you're out and about in a Siberian winter I guess

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