Today is the start of the week long Spring break in Canada. Most families will bring their kids to sunny destinations.
But not us. We usually spend it here in Canada since its almost Spring anyway. But the week long break gives me a problem of how to keep my son Niles busy for one week? Well, he solved the problem for me.
He volunteered for a week long program to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity.
These are the houses that my son will help complete.Volunteers are currently working on insulation on three homes.
This is not the first time my son(s) volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.In December 2012 , we as a family helped out in their fund raising and Re Store activities.
I know my sons week long volunteering will benefit him more than it will benefit the possible recipients of the homes they will build.For starters, today he learned how to nail drywall in the ceiling. After this weeklong volunteering job, he can be a handyman in the house!

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