Whether it is the tender & sweet bashashi dipped in soy sauce & served with ginger or the deep fried delicacy tempura, right from the world-popular noodle dish Ramen to the triangular rice balls called onigiri, the Japanese platter has something to satisfy the different taste buds of food connoisseurs from all over the world. Find out what are the 10 most popular Japanese dishes that are not only craved for in Japan but also the remainder of the world.

Gindara Saikyo-Yaki: When black cod is marinated in white miso, what you get is this irresistible delicacy. This delicious dainty is grilled over hot coal to give you the ideal combination of a damp & sweet delight that you cannot resist.

Warabi Mochi: Prepared from bracken fern starch, warabi mochi is sweet, cold & delicious. This custardy delicacy is carefully rolled in kinako soybean flour & is very much like Jell-O.

Sushi: Discuss Japanese food & you cannot go without speaking about sushi. Raw fish in vinegar flavored rice, sushi is no wonder a treat to the taste buds as well as a delight to the heart.

Tonkatsu: Meat cannot get better than Tonkatsu. Assuage your appetite with this succulent delicacy garnished with shredded cabbage. The meat is deep fried until it turns crunchy & golden brown & then a sweet & spicy sauce is sprinkled over the dish.

Te-uchi soba: Receive a succulent experience with the ideal noodles. Someone who has tasted the hand rolled te-uchi soba knows why these noodles are basically unforgettable. Guzzle the cold zaru soba or have it with hot dashi broth garnished with piquant herbs.

Yaki-imo: Welcome the winters in Japan with the deliciousness of these roasted sweet potatoes that can be found all around the streets in Tokyo. However, around late spring you will not very find any yaki-imo trucks in the street but the daigaku-imo or the sugar crusted sweet potatoes can be found all year round.

Tofu: This versatile protein can be present in its various incarnations. You can get it deep fried and then mixed with dashi, stir fried with beef or munch it with aromatic herbs.

Miso: Japanese cuisine is incomplete with Miso. The bean paste is used to make the base of soups and sauces as well as marinades.

Gyoza: These are dumplings filled with pork, cabbage and nira chives and dipped in soy sauce and vinegar. Rich and small in size, you cannot resist having round after round of this delicacy until you are filled up to the neck.

Taco rice: This is a mélange of meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato sauce with white rice. The flavor of taco perfectly mixes with that of the Japanese rice making an ideal meal for the summertime. helps you find a quantity of the best restaurants around the globe serving sushi food. The web-site offers sushi restaurant reviews and knowledge on reservations and walk-in dining. The author of this editorial recommends for reviews on sushi restaurants and to order food online.

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