I've known lots of a couple who have split only to find their ways back to another—and split again . Why? Because they ignored warning signals that spelled relationship doom. So than ignore that flashing neon sign that points to Splitsville, read over reasons you ought to never, ever, ever get back together and pick a different path.
1. Yours was a poisonous relationship . It may appear obvious that going back to someone who name-called, shirked relationship obligations, or often ghosted is not a lovely suggestion. But in the afterglow of a breakup or in the sadness of singledom, it is simple to slip on rose-color glasses and focus only on the lovely you one time had. But keep in mind: You cannot take back half the man or half the relationship. With the lovely, you'll also absorb the bad—and no ought to must deal with that kind of bad.

 2. You cannot trust him. Whether they told tiny white lies that added up to feeling as if you'd dated a stranger, or destroyed your trust in a more devastating way—cheating, for example—doesn't matter. What matters is that your new relationship will be fraught with mistrust and distrust's cousins insecurity, anxiety, and unhappiness. Wait for anyone who deserves and earns your trust, not anyone who didn't value it in the first place.
3. You have an insurmountable issue. Your ex is ideal but for that, immense, all-encompassing deal-breaker: They wishes kids and you don't, for example, or you envision a life that involves religious observation while he is a strict atheist. But the perfect-on-paper man is still not ideal for you if your goals and values don't align and stay unchanged. While it is without a doubt difficult, the best thing for both of you is to stay broken up.
Are there any other reasons you ought to never, ever, ever get back together? Have you ever decided to stay apart from an ex for of the reasons above

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