Later, it doesn't need any authentication until it is taken off from the wrist. This is chiefly because of the security reasons. Earlier Apple had reported that, the Apple Watch users who doesn't have an iPhone 6 will even be able to make use of Apple Pay through the gizmo without even upgrading the phone.

It was said that the Apple Watch will identify the user with its infrared sensor on the back irrespective of whether the gizmo is worn or not. Now the company has come up with more details & has revealed even the availability & pricing of the watch.Apple is letting out the details drip by drip in lieu of keeping all of them for the announcement day.

Apple Watch supports Apple Pay on iPhone five, S & 5C:

In order to unlock your Apple Watch, all that you need to do is enter the password or to unlock the gizmo using the phone. When the watch was announced in September, company had said that the gizmo also supports Apple Pay so that the users of iPhone 5/5S/5C will even be able to make use of the services of mobile payments.

But then it had not explained the way it would support iPhone 5/5S/5C. Apple Pay works on iPhones by allowing the users to tap on the payment terminals & later touch TouchID fingerprint sensor on their watches to buy any item.

It makes use of near field communication (NFC) chips:

Both iPhone & Apple Watch will be having NFC chips which store all the payment credentials. It is being said that this service is limited only new iPhone 6 & 6 and rings. The NFC chip in the Apple Watch lets you make payments basically but the thing is, watch itself doesn't have a TouchID. As said above, the users either must enter the password or touch the sensor on their phone which unlocks the watch. Due to the huge technical advancements, the creative innovations in mobile application development is also increasing right now with the necessity of devices with various functionalities.

You don't must type the password lots of times. The tool will stay unlocked until it is taken off from the wrist. As Apple has began to incorporate TouchID sensors with iPhone 5S, the users who doesn't have fingerprint sensors or NFC chips will even be able to make payments using Apple Pay. But the Apple Watch requires iPhone five or later versions.

They can say that the transactions made on Apple Watch using Apple Pay is the most secure way to make payments because, you don't must show your debit or credit card. It doesn't even ask your name, card number or any such details. So you can be positive that your information stays where it belongs.

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