The number of asylum-seekers entering Germany rose last year by nearly 60 per cent to 175,000. 

Some are Islamists, some will be terrorists. 

Unfortunately, harsh though this may sound to you, gentle reader, I am afraid that Germany and the whole EU should stop accepting any asylum seekers, except ones from Europe. It is widely agreed by organisations that help asylum seekers that it is best if refugees are given asylum by countries close to the one they are fleeing. I think we should let the UAE or Saudi Arabia take refugees from nearby states. 

No one can know which countries in the next century will produce large numbers of refugees but it seems sure that very many will be Muslim and it seems sure that increasing numbers of Third World immigrants and in particular Muslims in Europe - and Muslim majorities in many big cities - will alter Europe in ways in which the present inhabitants of the continent do not desire.

A British historian told me last week that, thanks to immigration,‬ Europe is like the Germanwings plane being flown by Andreas Lubitz. 

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