People should be not be encouraged to vote but discouraged from voting - the most intelligent vote without encouragement.

We learnt yesterday that Labour leader Ed Miliband's nanny uses his second kitchen, which is fine. Nothing wrong with having staff. I remember Roy Jenkins' ex- miner father kept a maid. I'd like Ed much more if he wore white tie every night, as one duke did who died in the 1980s even when dining alone. (Northumberland?)

To put into context the them and us policies of the Labour Party the top 2% of earners in the UK pay 25% of the tax burden and the top 50% pay almost 90% of the income tax bill.

I see little chance of UK leaving EU. ‪UKIP‬ is actually boosting support for EU.

The most important issue facing Britain and Europe, now and for the next century, is mass migration, which has already started to transform Europe but is only getting underway. I hope that UKIP is enabling the case for sharply restricting immigration to become respectable, but this remains to be seen. 

Unlike UKIP I think the issue of immigration within Europe is impossible to tackle, even if the UK did leave the EU. By the time we did so everyone who wanted to move to the UK from the EU would have done so. They largely already have. In some respects Europe is already becoming one country.

Immigration from the poor world to Europe is a separate and much more important question. Almost 11,000 asylum seekers arrived on the Italian coast from Libya in the last few days, including fifteen  Muslims who were arrested on reaching land for throwing twelve fellow passengers overboard -- drowning them -- because they were Christians. Of course this points to the tragic mistake David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy made of overthrowing Gaddafi, but also makes the practical point that asylum seekers are certainly not always benign. This mass migration of peoples is not a fait accompli but just beginning.

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