Travelling is exciting for me. Aside from visiting places I enjoy eating too. So these are the meals that I have tried out on my recent trip to Asia.
I flew via Lufthansa and ANA (Air Nippon Airways). These are the onboard meals.
My first meal upon landing in TOKYO after visiting Ueno Park to check out the Cherry blossoms is this Shrimp Soba.
Upon landing in MANILA, I immediately headed to McDonalds which is near my condo. Tis Chicken McDo meal is so cheap at Php 90 (C$2.5). The reason why I dine at McDo frequently is because they also offer free wifi.
A few days after arriving in Manila, I took a side trip to HONG KONG and MACAU with my High School friends. In Hong Kong my first meal was this noodle, toast and omelet combo. Imagine going to Hong Kong just to dine at a Macau restaurant.
After going to THE Peak in HONG KONG, my friend Carol treated us to dinner at Hong Kong Creperie, a French restaurant near our hotel in Soho district of Hong Kong.
Our hotel in Hong Kong, The Holiday Inn Express includes a free breakfast with our stay. the hotel buffet spread was quite good.
I made several planned trips to maximize my stay in Asia and one of the places I visited was the Underground River in Puerto Princesa PALAWAN. A world heritage site, it is a MUST VISIT place for everyone. Our tour included meals and incredibly the food was very tasty. I thought it was only me who noticed the food but even my Canadian co passenger remarked that the food was great.
If you visit Palawan, you have to try their Dangit. I ordered this set meal at Go Hotel restaurant and at Php 180 it was a delicious Dangit meal and affordable too!
I also visited SEOUL KOREA just for the purpose of going to the DMZ (De Militarized Zone) which sits at the border of North and South Korea.
My first meal in Korea was this braised chicklen meal which was so huge I had a hard time finishing it at 26,000 won (C$29) it was also an expensive meal for me.
My last meal in Seoul was at the airport and I just ordered a spicy seafood noodle which was an affordable meal at 10,000 won.
If you are travelling , don't be afraid to try out new dishes. Dining and trying out new food is fun and makes you remember a place.

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