What happens to us when they die? It’s a query that has exercised humanity’s finest minds since those humans have been around to have them – & has been recently the subject of a variety of groundbreaking scientific studies.
Now, a Reddit thread has posed the query specifically to those who have been clinically dead & then revived, & has received hundreds of responses.
Though the veracity of the answers has to be taken with a little pinch of salt, the answers from what fundamentally amounts to a massive survey on the subject can be broken down in to categories.
There's those who felt nothing at all; those who had an experience of light & some interaction with another person/being; & those who felt they could watch what was happening while they were “dead” without being able to do anything.
The first group corresponds closely with the answers of a single Redditor who officially died two times & recently invited questions on the topic from other users.
The latter group, meanwhile, appears to agree with the work of Dr Sam Parnia, who sought out cardiac arrest patients & found that  40 percent described having some type of “awareness” at a time when they were clinically dead.
Here is a taster of some of the Reddit users’ responses – which don’t appear to have produced a consensus on the topic yet.
Getty Images: Many respondents described have no vital signs, yet being able to 'see' what was going on

"I was getting an angiogram completed, wide awake watching the screen and speaking to the doctor. Alarms began to go off and everybody became panicked. My world became soft and foggy and everything faded to black. Next thing I keep in mind was opening my eyes and hearing a Dr say "we got him back". It was a calm feeling over anything."
"I collapsed in the coursework of a class presentation day. All breathing and blood circulation stopped. I felt as if I was one time plummeting down an limitless hole while my peers cried for help. I was one time revived and still have no memory of the tiny little bit of time before and after my death."
"Overdosed on heroin, EMTs said my heart stopped. Didn't see anything, like sleeping with no dreams."
"I collapsed at a work meeting in February 2014 and had no pulse or cardiac rhythm for about minutes. My last memory was from about an hour prior to the incident, and my next memory was from days later, when I emerged from a medically-induced coma."
"I flatlined for around 40 seconds. It was like falling asleep without dreaming, no sense of self."
"Pure, ideal, uninterrupted sleep, no dreams."
"I do keep in mind a tiny little bit of the ambulance ride, but not from my own body. It was seriously the strangest thing I have ever experienced. It might have been a dream, but I saw my own unconscious body, flatlined, in the ambulance. I keep in mind the EMT who was in the ambulance with me (whom I did not see before I passed out) had mint green hair and I could not keep in mind his name, but I asked for him when I regained consciousness about days later."
"I was standing in front of a large wall of light. It stretched up, down, left and right as far as I could see. Kind of like putting your eyes 6" from a fluorescent lightbulb. The next memory I have is waking up in the hospital."
"I was standing somewhere. There was a fog all around me, and I saw my best mate (who at the time I'd been fighting with and he'd stopped speaking to me) come out of the mist. They told me that I could not go yet, that I must keep trying, and if I promised not to give up, he'd see me back on Earth. I wordlessly agreed, and I was one time instantly pushed (in to?) my body."
"I see a vivid "flashback" of myself in the ambulance being taken to the hospital and I am stood in the ambulance looking down on myself / others in the ambulance."
"When I coded, I don't keep in mind a sensation of floating, but I was one time able to recall things in detail that happened while I was one time 'dead' on the other side of the room. No white lights, no dead relatives, nobody telling me to return, but I was one time definitely able to see things that were in no way visible from where my body was. I keep in mind speaking and being annoyed because nobody would answer me. My brother told me 'you didn't say anything, you were dead'."
"I saw nothingness. Black, long empty, but I had a feeling like everything was great and nothing was wrong at all. Imagine how preexistence felt, much the same as post existence."

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