I spent three days in Auckland.On my last day, my flight was scheduled midnight so I had enough time to go around the city.
This is my last glimpse of the Auckland city lights.
Thanks to hubbys gold status with Star Alliance, I was able to gain access to the Air New Zealand lounge while waiting for my flight.
This is my first time to fly with Air New Zealand and so far they have the worst inflight food I have tasted.
The food they serve onboard was either tasteless or salty.The only thing that is worth writing about is that their cabin is a bit spacious.
Their toilets has this wall paper that makes it look like a library.
l am even confused if Air New Zealand is a budget airline since they charge passengers for watching movies onboard.
After a 10 hour flight, its nice to be welcomed by the worlds best airport in Singapore.
Thanks again to my Auckland based nieces Janice and Jobelle.

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