In today's Liberal 101 lesson we look at responses for the inevitable name calling that's ensues when trying to have a civil discussion with a member of the intolerant Left!

We've all been there and, by we, I mean anyone who's not a far-left ideologue that's tried to have a reasonable conversation with one.

Very quickly these denizens of a world where intolerance for anyone who does not kowtow to their position on a particular subject is legend, will begin a process of name calling that will typically include accusations of hate, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and more.

Another tactic the liberal will also use, more difficult to overcome, is an immediate use of yelling or loud speaking to try and bring you over th their side.

But how is a reasonable man or woman to respond to false accusations that consist of nothing more than personal attacks?

From Mad World News, 'The Perfect Responses To Any Muslim Or Liberal Accusing You Of Islamophobia'!

(Click on each link for the full response.)
Even a small minority of 1.3 billion people is still a lot of people. Yes, the number of Muslims following Mohammad’s command to “kill unbelievers wherever you find them” may be small, but a much larger percentage believes in the political purpose of Islam and is working toward that goal in other ways besides terrorism. However, 270 million non-Muslims killed by this so-called small minority is something to be concerned with, don’t you agree?
It is “criticizing a religious doctrine” and it is also “political criticism” — two perfectly legitimate activities in a free country. Muslims come in all races and hail from every nationality, so, what race is Islam? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Seyran Ates, and Francis Bok all hail from different countries and are of different races, and yet they speak out against Islam. Some of them are former Muslims. Are they racist as well? To this day, Muslims own over 14 million black slaves under Sharia law. That’s the real racism.
First of all, Islam is both a faith and political ideology. Secondly, I am actually defending religious tolerance. What should you do with a religiously intolerant religion? What can you do with a religion that will try to stop, defeat, undermine, and even abolish all other religions? If you want to preserve religious freedom, you had better keep the aggressive, intolerant religion on a tight leash. You had better be aware of what they’re doing, and you’d better prevent them from getting their hands on the reins of power or it will be the end of religious tolerance.
Today, more people are killed in the name of Islam every year than were killed in the entire 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. In the 1400-year history of Islam, 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam. No other religion even comes close. Communism doesn’t even come close. Nazism doesn’t either. When 1.3 billion Christians begin systematically slaughtering innocent people, then we can talk about Christianity.
Muslims believe that the Quran is the perfect, unalterable, eternal word of Allah. It says in the Quran 91 times that a Muslim must follow the example of Muhammad. Because Muhammad was intolerant and violent towards non-Muslims, even when he had already conquered them, Muslims are commanded to do the same. What you don’t know about the few peaceful verses is that they all pertain to peace towards other Muslims, and only after Islam has conquered the world.
Do you really think devout Muslims will be swayed by the teachings of a non-Muslim? That’s ridiculous. Do you really think we have that much power? To think that a moderate Muslim who is peaceful will hear my words and decide, “fine, you want a beheader, you got it,” is ridiculous. If this was the case, then the leftist agenda of convincing the world that Islam is peaceful would’ve caused the radicals to become peaceful.
The peaceful majority is irrelevant. In fact, it is the peaceful majority that distracts us from the problem and tries to silence us from fighting it. It is the peaceful majority that is passing laws to outlaw freedom of speech to criticize Islamic extremism. It is the peaceful majority that has all the power to reform their religion, yet does nothing about it. It is the peaceful majority that is outraged over a Muhammad cartoon, but not at children being beheaded, women raped, and Christians slaughtered in the name of their religion. The peaceful majority is making it much more difficult to battle the violent minority, and that is an unspoken alliance in itself.

Additional responses can be found at Bare Naked Islam here.


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