When will American Jews, or at least many of the Jews I know, realize that their safe and secure lives could be under attack and changed forever in a split-second?

I have written here a great many times in the past about the phrase 'Never Again', and how it's merely words expressing a hope but definitely not a certainty.

That much is clear from watching the rise in anti-Semitic incidents from around the world and here in the U.S. coupled with the negative vibe being put forth concerning Jews and Israel from the current administration in Washington.

These three articles are all from July 2014:

Never Again? Think Again!
Never Again? Dogs but not Jews allowed at Belgian cafe!
Never Again? 'Death to the Jews!' rings out in legal demonstration in The Hague

This current story about two high school kids from the Long Island, New York town of Commack, photographed wearing t-shirts that sported swastikas and the single word...Auschwitz!

Oh I'm sure they will apologize, say they meant nothing by it and that they really didn't know the significance of what they were wearing.

If I am correct and that's the story put forth then that is either the saddest commentary on the fact that what Hitler did to Jews and millions more is fading from view and will soon be forgotten, or that they are full of crap and were expressing an opinion.

Either way it's a heads-up to Jews that Never Again is merely a phrase and that vigilance is the watchword for the way we unfortunately need to live!

Sad, but true!

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