Russian flight controllers lost contact with an unmanned Russian Progress M-27M spacecraft launched from Baikonur on April 28, 2015 on a Soyuz 2-1A rocket.

Something went wrong with the Russian Progress, which was carrying 3 tons of supplies for the International Space Station, moments before the spacecraft deployed into orbit Tuesday.

According to SpaceflightNow, the U.S. military is tracking a cloud of 44 pieces of debris around the out-of-control Progress spacecraft and the Soyuz rocket’s third stage.

Experts raise the question of whether an explosion or collision may have led to the mission’s failure.

According to Roscosmos officials the spacecraft should remain in orbit until between May 5 and May 7, when it will succumb to natural atmospheric drag and fall back to Earth. Most of the craft will burn up during re-entry. However, nearer the time the agency will be able to more accurately predict the landing spot of the unburned debris and give people warning if necessary. Read more

Video from a camera on-board the spacecraft released by NASA on Tuesday also showed the Progress in a dizzying spin, with the Earth and sun rapidly coming into and then out of frame.


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