There are times in life where it will be important for to be serious & then there will be times when this is not the case. If was to encounter as way on a regular basis, they are going to be out of balance.

However, this doesn't suggest that is going to spend half of each day being serious and the other half being unserious. It will all depend on what is taking place in their life and how needs to reply to what is occurring.

A Choice

When has the ability to utilise both options, it is going to let them reply in the right way. If, on the other hand, only had the ability to be way, it is going to cause them to behave in the wrong way.

This will even be something that other people pick up on and they will wonder why is acting as they are. In this case, one's behavior won't match up with what is taking place.


In the eyes of others, is going to encounter as though they are unable to be serious or as though they are unable to let go and relax. This might cause other people to judge them, or they may take a different route and wonder why they are acting as they are.

Yet, if has known anyone for a long time and has become accustomed to their behavior, it could be something that they overlook. But there is also the chance that they are the same way and this may mean that their behavior doesn't stand out.


It could then be in their best interests to go along with how the other person is behaving; in the event that they were to query them, they would must look at themselves. Therefore, the other person validates how they behave and this stops them from having to change.

What this means is that is not going to be concerned about the other persons behavior, they are going to be focused on doing everything they can to protect themselves. There is also the chance that has friends who are the exact opposite of them.

The Best Approach

If is always serious, they could finish up speaking about how this is the way to be and how their mate needs to cease fooling around. This then causes their mate to tell them how they are serious and how they need to relax for one time.

Each person is then identified with their approach, and they are unable to accept that both sides have a time and a place. Yet, until can embrace both sides, they will continue to attract individuals who reflect their own imbalance.

 It looks better

When it comes to what looks better, being unserious is usually going to be seen as the best choice. This approach could be backed up with the fact that ‘life is short' & ‘how they are all going to die anyway'.

Along with this, human beings are programmed to seek pleasure & to keep away from pain. So based on these factors (& lots of others), it seems logical to be happy on a regular basis & not to get weighed down.

It looks Worse

Being serious, on the other hand, is usually not going to make as appealing as they would be in the event that they had a large smirk on their face. Due to this, it may cause other people to keep away from them.

This is not going to be personal though, it is going to come down to how they feel in their presence. If ends up feeling drained when they are with somebody, they are probably going to need to take a step back.

A Trigger

Another reason why they need to keep away from being around somebody like this is due to what it triggers within them. Spending time with the other person reminds them of what they have disconnected from within themselves.

However, in lieu of being able to own what is taking place within them, they are going to finish up making the other person feel as though they are the ones with the issue. Through this, can pretend that there is nothing wrong with them.

Being Serious

When is serious, it is going to mean that they are embracing how they feel. Now, if has disconnected from their feelings & has lots of pain within them, it is going to be a lot harder for them to do this.

In this case, being serious is going to remind of what they avoided, & this might be overwhelming. Their need to be unserious is then a defence mechanism & something that keeps their pain at bay.


Until faces the pain that is within them, they are going to continue to encounter as though they are out of touch with themselves. This does not insinuate that needs to be serious on a regular basis, as this might a sign that is stuck in their pain.


What it comes down to is for to have the ability to be serious & for them to be able to be unserious. In order for to be able to embrace both sides & to be a whole human being, they may need to seek the help of a therapist or a healer.

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