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Should you believe in UFOs? If you question why the subject of UFOs should be taken seriously, then listen up. Tonight, we will discuss fascinating evidence, new perspectives, and detailed analysis, to make this a thought-provoking conversation for those at every level of knowledge and belief in the UFO phenomenon. Tonight's special guest is Dr. Robert David, Ph.D., who will cover well-researched and convincing, documented insight, compelling individual and mass UFO encounters, that will give us direct appreciation of the possible nature and origin of this extraordinary topic. We will discuss pilot and astronaut UFO experiences, strange encounters with UFOs, alien abductions, official government and military declassified UFO documents, and future directions and research needed to better understand the phenomenon. You will hear about new viewpoints through an objective investigation of the alleged alien visitations of earth and authenticity of the UFO phenomenon. Do you want to believe? Or do you want to know?   

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Dr. Robert Davis, is an internationally recognized scientist in his field, and served as a professor at the State University of New York for over 30 years. He graduated with a B.A. and M.A. from the City University of New York and with a Ph.D in Hearing Science and Audiology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Davis has published over 40 articles in scholarly journals and several book chapters on various topics in clinical audiology, the effects of drugs and noise and on hearing, electrophysiology, and neuroscience. He has also lectured on these topics at national and international conferences and was awarded several major grants to fund research in the hearing sciences.

Dr. Davis is the author of The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?. His research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon convinced him that the phenomenon remains unresolved, is a source of considerable debate among millions worldwide, and is a very important concern unfortunately ignored by the general scientific community. He advocates for the need to advance our understanding of the phenomenon through the development of a governance structure to provide the necessary leadership, direction, and related resource support, both human and fiscal, for a multidisciplinary team of leading scholars to study the phenomenon. 

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