The bright and sunny summers are here. Along with floral dresses and yummy ice creams, summers also bring the uncomfortable heat and sweat that most of us struggle to cope with. Sweating is essential to maintain the optimum body temperature, but the bacteria that prosper on sweat lead to the blockage of pores, causing breakouts. This can often induce extreme itching and rashes. Here are some simple tips that will help you avoid acne in hot, sweaty summers.

Irrespective of whether you feel uncomfortably hot or not, with the mercury rising, it is time to start showering two times a day. In case you can manage, try thrice , at least a fast shower. This is the simplest way to keep the bacteria away from the pores of the skin, which otherwise lead to breakouts. This way, you may even control an already existing acne breakout. You must also use an antibacterial soap or shower gel in the work of summers.

Ensure regular exfoliation
In case you sweat a lot throughout the day, you are more liable to developing body acne. Our bodies shed millions of dead tissue cells, every day. These act as food for the microorganisms, leading to rashes & body acne. Also, dust & dirt stick on to the sweat, further blocking the pores. Exfoliation of the whole body ensures that all of these are removed, & the skin can breathe freely. Keep in mind to scrub your body well, to times in a week.

Keep the skin dry

Some parts of body have a heavy concentration of sweat glands. This includes the brow, genital area, upper back & arm pits. Keeping these areas dry is critical in case you need to limit chances of developing body acne. Make positive that you dry the whole body well each time after you shower. Also, sprinkle a sweat-absorbing, antibacterial powder lightly all over the body. In case you have a chronic issue of excessive sweating, you may even consult a dermatologist for the correct powder.

Wear easy-fitting clothes

Loose or easy-fitting clothes are ideal to reduce sweat & permit your skin to breathe. Loose clothes also permit sweat to evaporate faster. Better air circulation between your clothes & your body ensures maximum bacterial proliferation, thus stopping body odour . Also, loose-fitting clothes rub less against the skin, which reduces the chances of rashes. This is important for those who workout regularly, or wear formal clothes for a major part of the day.

Avoid acne-causing foods

Summer is not the time to indulge in anything & everything that you find tasty! Lower the intake of foods rich in trans & saturated fats, apart from reducing intake of spicy foods. Fried, spicy & sugary foods are difficult to digest, & can flare-up skin breakouts. Pick plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables in lieu, to have a healthy skin.
So, keep these simple things in mind to enjoy a fresher & healthier summer this year!

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