There’s no avoiding it: 21st century life is stressful. Everyone thinks they’ve got what it takes to be magical multitaskers, juggling a busy career, hectic relatives life & cherished personal hobbies in whatever precious time they can find. But soon it all catches up with you. Leave no room for ‘me time’ & you’ll inevitably become worn out, irritable & stressed.

In an increasingly mobile world, what better way to relax than with the help of your smartphone? In case you struggle meditating or never set aside time for yourself, skip Sweet Crush & give these apps a try.

7 Apps That Stop You Stressing Out


In case you struggle to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks or think about yourself an “over thinker,” letHeadspace take the weight off your shoulders. Its founder, Andy Puddicombe desired to make meditation more obtainable to those who struggle dealing with the stresses & strains of every day life.

The former Buddhist monk achieved this through the creation of free 10-minute meditation sessions & introductory courses that help promote better sleep, greater focus & a healthy mind. When Puddicombe was 22 years elderly, they was involved in a serious accident that resulted in the death of close friends. For him, meditation was the only road to recovery.

Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow & the likes swear by its soothing ‘timeout’ sessions. It’s the ideal way to refresh & recuperate on a tight schedule.


There’s a large push for mindfulness from both nutritionists & personal trainers similar. Being aware of ‘yourself’ & your surrounding surroundings gives you a greater appreciation of the present moment, removing worries / concerns of the past & future. Zenify encourages you to be more mindful & to focus on the ‘now’ than the ‘what if.’

At intervals throughout your day, Zenify will notify you of your next meditation method to practice there & then. than becoming reliant on the app, Zenify is designed to teach you how to be more mindful by yourself terms, enhancing your self-awareness & emotional intelligence in the method.

A study conducted by its creators found that in 8 weeks, Zenify-style mindfulness training proved to “increase grey matter concentration within the left hippocampus, temporo-parietal junction & the posterior cingulated cortex,” strengthening aspects such as learning & memory.

The Mindfullness Diet

Plenty of of us stress about our weight & how they look, to the point where it becomes exhausting & they finally seek emotional comfort in junk food. 

If dieting is something that occupies most of your thoughts, download The Mindfullness Diet. Even in case you aren’t looking to slim down, its healthy approach to eating not only reduces your calorie intake, but it can ward off other chronic conditions such as diabetes & heart illness .

The Mindfullness Diet provides quick simple recipes that focus on texture as well as taste & nutritional value, thereby working the senses, & allowing you to appreciate every single bite. The app teaches you how to break bad habits & become a ‘mindful,’ not emotional, eater.

Smiling Mind

This app was designed specifically for young users, but adults can benefit from it . Perhaps your tiny is finding it hard to cope with the pressure of revision & needs to blow off steam? Smiling Mind helps kids as young as 7 get to grips with meditation, encouraging them to find calmness & contentment through web-based wellness programmes – not the TV!

Revered institutions including UCLA, Harvard & Oxford have all championed the benefits of adopting mindful meditation in day-to-day life, for stress, anxiety & depression sufferers. Instil confidence & positive thinking in kids with the help of Smiling Mind.

 White Noise Lite

In the event you find it hard to relax & wind down, check out White Noise Lite. Some think about it a miracle cure for insomnia. In the event you struggle getting forty winks, hit the White Noise Lite app for ambient sounds that promise a lovely night’s sleep, including beach waves, heavy rain & pure white noise.

Our mind searches for noise in the coursework of the night, & light sleepers will agree, one time our ears have picked up on those interruptions it’s hard to nod off again. White Noise Lite provides a constant stream of noise that soothes, relaxes & blocks out distractions. Whether you’re trying to sleep, or taking a break from your table, it works a treat. 

Memories: The Diary

Think about when you write a to-do list, you feel better don’t you? Everything’s there in black & white; you know exactly what needs to be done. That’s the philosophy behind Memories: The Diaryapp. Speaking to The Guardian, psychologist Matthew Lieberman of the University of Los angeles, explains how diary writing is over cathartic; it also “helps the brain regulate emotion unintentionally.”

What Memories: The Diary provides is a contemporary platform through which you can document your everyday activities. It lets you record text, upload photographs & generate audio entries of your thoughts & feelings that day. If you’re always asking yourself, where did the time go? Sit, reflect & de-stress with the help of Memories: The Diary.

The Worry Box is an equally great app (not to mention password protected!) If you’ve something playing on your mind & need to vent to someone, put it in the Worry Box.


Sometimes they forget to do the most basic things, like breathe. Think it or not, plenty of of us aren’t breathing as fully as feasible, causing tension & stress in the body. Combined with poor lifestyle choices like smoking, as well as a lack of exercise; we’re not embracing the power of breathing , which Men’s Journal confirms “modern life causes the average person to make use of about a third of his natural lung capacity, while drawing about 15 breaths a minute.”

The Breathe2Relax app guides you through different breathing exercises that help to clear your mind & calm you down, which is useful in the event you suffer from anxiety or panic assaults.

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