This morning I wrote an article as a commentary on a photo of two Long Island teens sporting swastika t-shirts with one word...Auschwitz!

The article can be found here, 'Never Again? Long Island students sporting swastika t-shirts!', but a comment from a reader needs to be seen in the light of day as it validates what the issue for Jews actually is...

From a reader named only Jane which is typical of the lack of courage of these types of commentators who prefer to remain anonymous (Note: I have requested a full name and will let you know if I receive it)...

"what Hitler did to the Jews"..if you are going to be a commentator of political history I suggest you get your facts straight- If Ive had to say it once Ive had to say it a thousand times- NO Jews were gassed, burned alive, made into soap or lampshades or any other such nonsense. the Camps were either work camps or holding facilities that were in place until arrangements could be made to send them on to Palestine. Look up the transfer agreement. It was not in Hitlers best interest to harm them, he just wanted them out of the country- and for good reason. God I get so sick of this "official narrative"- do some damn research!


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